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Who are we?

Hethersett Athletic Football Club is an FA Chartered Standard Development Club that aims to provide:

  • Football opportunities for all ages and abilities within Hethersett and the surrounding area in a safe and fun environment.
  • Teams that play attacking, possession based football, that allows players and teams to learn and develop.
  • Both playing and non-playing members that conduct themselves in line with the FA Respect and HAFC codes of conduct.
  • A club with an emphasis on TEAM (together everyone achieves more).

We are committed to

  • Sustain, build and protect the future of our club and football within Hethersett and the surrounding area.
  • Retain and build community, school and business relationships within Hethersett and the surrounding area.
  • Play a key part in the continued growth and success of Hethersett and the Melton's Sports Association (HAMSA).
  • Support and develop playing and non-playing members of the club where applicable.
  • Not to tolerate any form of discrimination including; gender, sexual orientation, race, nationality, ethnicity, colour, religion/belief or disability.

How we play

Playing through the thirds of the pitch (defence, midfield & attack) – without by-passing the midfield unless for the benefit of the team.

In possession - timely and effective retention of the ball to create goal scoring opportunities without fear of mistakes.

Out of possession - to regain the ball as quickly as a possible whilst recognising danger and reducing the threat.

To win games of football without damaging development opportunities.

Coaches will be

  • Positive, enthusiastic, innovative and supportive.
  • Expected to praise and acknowledge effort and attitude.
  • Encouraged to further develop themselves as coaches.
  • Members of the FA Licensed Coaches Club.
  • A minimum of FA Level 1 qualified.

Coaching will be

A fun, challenging and a supportive environment where players can learn from their mistakes without undue pressure and anxiety; making it welcoming and inclusive.

Age appropriate with direction, purpose and guidance to the process of coaching players within the FA’s 4 - corner model for long-term player development (LTPD - technical, psychological, social and physical).

Player and team focused in line with current FA philosophy and suggested best practice guidelines.

HAFC players will be

  • Comfortable and brave on the ball.
  • Excellent decision makers.
  • Willing to learn, develop and do their best to make the most of their abilities.
  • Team and club focussed.

Download our DNA as a PDF
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