Club Directory

Club Officers

Vice President: Richard Bond

Honorary Life Members: Mel Perkins MBE, Ian Harrison, Peter Steward, Sue Milne, Michael Lemmon, Danny Holman*, Paul Martin*, Matt Steward*, Steven Beck*, James Rice*, Matt Molloy*
* Playing members for completing over 300 league and cup appearances for Hethersett Athletic.

Chairman: Neal Luther

Vice Chairman: David Bills-Everett

Secretary: Wayne Johnson

Assistant Secretary: Peter Steward

Treasurer: Tim Hudson-Church

Assistant Treasurer: David Bills-Everett

Sponsorship & Grants Officer: Ian Fieldhouse

Football Development Officer: Wayne Johnson

Child Welfare Officer: Sue Buffin

Assistant Welfare Officer: Wayne Johnson

Club Development Officer: Steve Raven

Schools Liaison Officer: Wayne Johnson

Events Officer: Steve Raven

Volunteers Coordinator: Wayne Johnson

Referees Coordinator: Neal Luther

Facilities & Equipment Officer: Neal Luther

Club Physio: Colin McDermott

The committee comprises the above officers, coaches and representatives from each team and co-opted members.
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